The Frame-Up Audio Tour

9 – The Cotterell Family

Jan Mytens (Dutch, c. 1614 - 1670)
The Cotterell Family, 1658
oil on canvas
On Loan from the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation



I love the Cotterell Family! Clem, who you see pointing on the right, is my best friend. He can be very annoying sometimes though; he’s always trying to be like the kids who visit the art gallery. I bet he’s staring at you right now, wishing he could wear your sneakers or cut his hair like yours. What I like about Clem is that he’s always up for an adventure, even if he does look a little fancy.

Clem’s been stuck in the painting for almost four hundred years with his family, so I’m very sympathetic to him.

His father, Sir Charles, is kind of bitter that he didn’t end up at the Louvre in Paris, but is happier since the paintings started watching movies! He loves movies!

Clem’s mother, Lady Cotterell, is kind of high-strung, but I think that’s because she’s been stuck with a young baby, Baby Frances, for years, as well as Clem, his little brother Charles, and his little sister Lizzie.

I wish you could see the crayon portrait Sargent Singer did of The Cotterell Family – it was wonderful!