The Frame-Up Audio Tour

15 – Mona Dunn

William Orpen (British, 1878-1931)
Mona Dunn, c. 1915
oil on canvas
On Loan from the Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation



I love this painting of me!

The only problem is that if I’d know that I was going to have to wear the same dress for the rest of my life I would have dressed in something a little fancier!

But I like how Mr. Orpen painted me surrounded by darkness so that you have to look at my face.

Max says that I deserve as much attention as the Mona Lisa and he’s even started a campaign to entice visitors to “Come to New Brunswick and See the Other Mona”, which Clem shortened to #TheOtherMona.

What you should know about me: I love horses, good books, and swimming. I love living at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, especially now that the residents are read to and get to surf the internet and are taken to movies.

Oh no! I have to run; I think I hear Mr. Dusk coming! That’s all for today’s tour! Thank you for touring the gallery with me and enjoy the rest of your visit at The Beaverbrook Art Gallery!