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10 – Madame Juliette in the Garden

Eugene Boudin (French, 1824-1898)
Madame Juliette Dans le Jardin, 1895
oil on panel
Gift of David H. M. Vaughan and Lucinda Flemer, Executors of the Estate of the Late L. Marguerite Vaughan, 1991



Madame Juliette is my dearest friend and confidante. She is always kind, and very sensitive, and she understands how frustrating it can be for me sometimes, stuck in a painting all day while people stare at me and then forced to hang out with the same people every evening. It can be so boring! Which is why I love the summer camps!

Juliette is engaged to Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Nugent, a dashing military officer. They’re getting married soon and I can’t wait, because I get to stand up with them! The only tragedy is that residents are forever stuck in the clothing the artist painted them in. Had I known, I would have had Mr. Orpen paint me in beautiful frilly frock.

What I like about her painting are all the colours. If you got to step inside her painting, you would discover a massive flower garden and a lovely shady grove of trees.

The other interesting thing is that Monsieur Boudin painted her in the impressionist style; up close she looks like blobs of colour, but the further back you step, she comes more into focus. I love that!