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11 – Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Nugent

Thomas Gainsborough (British, 1727-1788)
Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Nugent, 1764
oil on canvas
Gift of The Beaverbrook Foundation



This painting is bigger than life.

And isn’t he handsome? The first time I met Edmund, I thought I would swoon. That red uniform is so classy.

Besides Madame Juliette, Edmund probably has the most refined manners at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. He is grace personified and very chivalrous.

Edmund didn’t like me going to watch movies in the beginning, but like Sir Charles Cotterell, he’s become a big movie fan!

What I like about this painting is that Gainsborough makes it look like Edmund just stopped and posed one day while he was out for a walk. But I’m pretty sure the portrait was done inside a house. That’s the thing about artists; they take artistic license.

Troy, one of the summer campers, put me and Edmund into a comic he made during summer camp. Edmund hated it because Troy made him wear a spandex suit. I didn’t mind the spandex suit, but I hate it when Troy calls me Mona Baby!