The Frame-Up Audio Tour

8 – Hotel Bedroom

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Lucian Freud (British, 1922-2011)
Hotel Bedroom, 1954
oil on canvas
Gift of The Beaverbrook Foundation


Isn’t this a creepy painting? It’s home to Mr. and Mrs. Dusk.

What you need to know about Mr. Dusk: he is Lord Beaverbrook’s right hand man and is always creeping around the gallery, trying to catch people breaking the rules. I know, I know; he’s a bit of a hero, and we’ve made up, but he still can’t resist watching everyone.

But it’s Mrs. Dusk who scares me. As long as I’ve known her, she’s never said a word – she just stares vacantly at you. Why do you think she doesn’t talk?

The other thing about this painting is that it’s kind of drab. I suspect Mr. Freud made it like that on purpose, but it doesn’t make you want to hang out with the Dusks, does it?

Don’t hang around here too long; who knows what will happen?