The Frame-Up Audio Tour

12 – Andre Reidmor

Bartholomäus Bruyn the Elder (German, c.1493-1555)
Andre Reidmor, c. 1540
oil and tempera on panel
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. John Flemer




Andre’s portrait is almost five hundred years old, which makes Andre almost five hundred years old!

And believe me, if you met him, you’d know he came from a long time ago! He stomps around the gallery in his heavy boots and fur-trimmed coat and glares at everyone in his path.

Madame Juliette says Andre can be kind, but I’ve never tried to get close enough to find out because he scares me half to death.

The closest I ever got to him was to hide behind him at a resident meeting when I didn’t want Max to see I was late.

Something else you should know: Andre is not a fan of summer camps, and especially sleepovers.